SR 415 over St. Johns River

Owner: FDOT District 5     Location: Volusia County

The Reconstruction of 2.3 miles of a 2-lane rural section to a 4-lane rural divided facility. Design included new construction of a recreational trail along the entire corridor, a new 2,250 foot 2-lane bridge over the St. Johns River, replacing 476 feet of the existing 2-lane bridge over the St. Johns River, constructing a new 121 foot 2-lane relief bridge at St. Johns River Relief Channel, and a new trail bridge at the St. Johns River Relief Channel. 80 percent of the project was located within the St. Johns River floodplain and included exfiltration design for the stormwater facility. A new Proto-type wildlife fence was designed adjacent to the right of way that included a low voltage charge to inhibit wildlife from entering the roadway.  The design included roadway design, trail design, maintenance of traffic, mitigation plans, right-of-way acquisition and mapping, signing and pavement markings and permitting efforts through SJRWMD and Army Corp of Engineers.