The primary purpose of the project is to provide improved bicyclist and pedestrian facilities along the roadway while minimizing the impacts to the motoring public, thereby greatly increasing the overall safety for all users along the corridor. Horizon will be converting the existing 6-lane divided urban roadway to a 4-lane divided urban roadway and adding a SB buffered bike lane and a NB shared-use path, all basically within the same footprint (commonly called “Lane Repurposing”). In addition to the lane repurposing, the intersection at Mayport Road and Atlantic Blvd will be converted to a double roundabout. These enhancements will have residual impacts to the other features along the roadway including the drainage system, the signals, lighting, curbing, signing, striping, etc.

Congratulations goes out to the entire team. A big thanks to all that helped with the preparation of this proposal and the marketing efforts that contributed to this win!