J.T. Butler Blvd

This project features the reconfiguration of the I-95 interchange with J.T. Butler Blvd. Includes 2 miles of concrete widening, 1 mile of asphalt widening, 8 ramp configurations, 5 new bridges. This Project also includes a combination of high mast and conventional lighting, ITS including three new DMSs, 46 overhead signs, 135,000 sf of MSE wall, 3500ft of sound walls, 6 new storm water ponds, permitting, utility relocations.

Apollo BLVD - CSI

The original bridge limits and footprint were identical to the permitted bridge.  However, the number of spans was changed from 8 to 12 and the size of the girders was reduced to resolve some constructability issues.  The foundations of the bridge were redesigned to drive the piles deeper in order to provide increased capacity and eliminate any battered piles.  As a result, the total number of piles within the Eau Gallie River was significantly reduced.

SR-50 over Lake Lotta - CSI

This project involved the design of twin ten span bridges with an overall length of 475 feet spanning Lake Lotta. The superstructure was comprised of Type II AASHTO beams with a cast-in-place composite deck supported by 18 inch prestressed concrete pile bents.  Anchored sheet pile walls were designed for each of the causeway style bridge abutments limiting wetland impacts beyond the width of the roadway cross section.

Seminole Wekiva Trail Pedestrian Underpass

This FDOT LAP project included the design of a 220 foot pedestrian underpass and 0.25 miles re-alignment of the Seminole Wekiva Trail along Douglas Ave and SR 434.  Project also included the reconstruction of 600’ of Douglas Ave a 2-lane urban roadway within a constrained R/W to provide for the re-aligned Trail.  MOT included provisions for pedestrians in every phase.  The project included many levels of coordination including FDOT District 5 since the project involved crossing under / reconstruction of SR434.